Fire Extinguishers

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers


Let me introduced you to one of the safe & Environmentally friendly HFC-227ea (also known as FM-200TM, a regd. trademark of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation or as Dupont's FE-227TM, HFC227ea pack is a self contained pre engineered fire extinguishing package. It is a transportable simple to install and operate in a wide variety of situations. Perfect for remote manned or unmanned installations, such as cellular telephone equipment sites, switch rooms, military communication sposts, temporary buildings and archive Stores, HFC227ea pack is pre wired, tested  &ready to work. A single unit of such kind can protect upto 200 cubic metres & by adding such more units even bigger spaces can be simply & quickly covered.

It is electrically non conductive, occupies minimal storage space and has zero effect on the earth's Statospheric ozone layer. Its primary action is through cooling the fire and removing heat energy so that the combustion reaction cannot be sustained.

This pace-setting compound does more than prevent fire damage.

Containing no particulates or residues, it virtually eliminates the risk of damage to delicate equipment caused by the extinguish ant itself.

Area of application
HFC227ea system are ideal where the risk of high value loss and/or risk to the continuation and survivability of the business.
-Oil industry installations,
(To know more details & designing the systemssend Your requirement with plans of the area
 to be protected).

FIRE DETEC is automatic self seeking fire extinguisheij which puts out fire wher they starts by means of a flexible fire detection and delivery tube. The tube is manufacturedfrom specially produced polymer materials to achieve the desired detection and delivery characteristics. FIRE DETEC does not rely on detecting a fire at a single point but at any place along the tubes length. These extinguishing systems may be used as stand alone devices or can be fully monitored for interfacing with alarm systems and/or full shutdown of the protected equipment. These options offer early warning of activation and greatly reduce the risk of re-ignition and further unnecessary damage.

Because the detection tubing is installed within the protected equipment it can detectand extinguish afireinitsearliest stages and as it employs no sensitive Electronic detection devices. In unaffected by humidity dirt or turbulent airflow. Pressurised FIRE DETEC tube is routed both over and around the protected area (avoidingSurfacesabove80degreec ambient). When a fire Occurs the tube will soften and burst at its hottest point Allowing swift and accurate delivery of the extinguishant directtothe source of thefireandsimultaneouslyTriggeralarmsor shutdown relays. Extinguishing Mediums can be matched to suit a particular application Various canister sizes are available and aresuppiiedpre-charged and fitted with the appropraite length of FIRE DETEC tube.

Fume Cupboards, Switchgear Units, Computer Servers / Cabinets, Automated Machinery, Escalators, Motor Vehicles.

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