Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Powder

Fire Extinguishers

 Suitable for Class
 "B" fires

Suitable for Class
 "C" fires

Burning liquids such as
petrol, oils, fats, paints, organic solvents etc.

Burning gases such as LPG, Butane, Propane, Vinyl Chloride & natural gases etc. & live electrical equipment


Construction : Cylindrical shape body fabricated from M.S. Sheet of IS:513 grade and all are of welded construction.
Specification : IS : 2171 latest revision followed
Cap : Gun Metal / Brassforged
Anti-Corrosive : Body coated with lead and tin treatment
alloy internally and externally by electrolytic deposition process
Testing : Hydraulically tested to 30 kgf/cm2
Charge :  Extinguisher filled with Best quality dry
 chemical powder, conforming to
 IS : 4308 Certified by ISI with CO2 gas
 filled cartridge is fitted with each
 extinguisher (ISI mark optionally)
Finish :  Fire Red Epoxy polyester powder coated/
painted in Synthetic Enamel fire red. As per IS Shade
Accessories : Wall mounting brackets
Approval Approved by TAC and Appd. by ISI
Operation : Keep the Fireage extinguisher in upright
position and remove the safety clip provided on the cap. Hold the nozzle in hand and then strike the knob. This will
puncture the CO2 gas cartridge and thereby releasing CO2 gas whcih expels the powder out through the squeeze grip nozzle attached to thehose which is to be directed in a sweeping motion at the base of the flames.
Caution : The fire extinguisher must be maintained as per IS : 2190 for satisfactory performance

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