Mechanical Foam (AFFF)

Mechanical Foam (AFFF)

Suitable of Class
"A" fires

Suitable of Class
"B" fires

Burning solids such as
paper, wood, fibres &
plastics which carbonise as they burn.

Burning liquids such as petrol,
oils, fats, paints, organic
solvents, etc.

 AFFF Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher

 Construction: Manufactured out of M.S. Sheets (CRCA)/Platesof IS:513 grade and all are of welded construction. (Also available in S.S.constructionon special request)
 Cap :  Gun metal
 IS Specification :  9 Ltrs IS:10204& 50 Ltrs - As per IS
 13386 latest revision
 Capacity:  9 Ltrs & 50 Ltrs
 Anti-Corrossive :  Body coated with lead & tin alloy
 treatment internally and externally by
 electrolytic deposition process
Hydraulic Testing :  Each Bpdy Hydraulically tested at
 25 Kgf/Cm
Charge : AFFF in concentrate of 3% or6% shall be supplied in a separate packing and C02 gas cartridge will be fixed in each extinguisher) & water to be filled upto marked level at site.
Finish : Fire Red Epoxy polyester powder coated/Painted in Synthetic Enamel
fire red.
Accessories: Wall mounting brackets, (50 Ltrs. Capacity extinguisherts Wheel mounted type)
Approval : 9 Itr capacity approved by TAC and
certified by ISI
Operation : Keep the Fire Ate extinguisher  upright.Remove the safety clip and strike the knob, direct the discharge from Nozzle to fall gently on fire.
Maintenance : The Fire Extinguisher must be maintained as per IS:2190 for satisfactory performance
Optional : You may also use Alcohol Resistant Foam in Fires involving Polar Solvents
Caution : Not to be used in fires involving electricity

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